• Sherry Pacheco

Memories aren't just in your brain!

Memories are stored in different areas of our bodies.

It's been a popular belief that all of our memories are stored in our brains, but research shows this isn't the case.

We do record every single experience and every memory that we've had throughout our lives. Many of us remember specific events and different events. Sometimes we can only remember portions of what happened or we may remember it a different way than someone else might remember the same event. If every memory is stored, how and where are they stored? Why do some memories seem like they just happened and others are trace memories that have no emotional charge? The answer may lie in the studies of a celebrated surgeon, Wilder Penfield. His specialty was epilepsy. In his quest for a surgical treatment for focal epilepsy, he found that if he placed an electrode on a certain part of his patient's brain, they could recall sights, sounds, smells, and movement as if they were reliving the event, which he deducted was proof that all memories are stored in the brain.

Carl Pribram disproved that theory when he took mice and had them run through a maze to reach a reward. He removed part of the brain, and the mice still went along the same path to the reward. He removed another part of the brain, with the same results. Eventually the entire brain was removed other than the brain stem. Without a brain, the mice still traveled along the same path to reach the treat. How were the mice able to complete the same path with no brain? Memories from our experiences in life are stored in every cell of the body.

We can change our thoughts and beliefs, but any attempt to change those thoughts without, at the very least, giving consideration to the whole system is going to take time because we have to change them throughout our body-mind system. If a person gets colon cancer, the doctor cuts out part of their colon, why does the cancer come back if it was removed? Why is it that by addressing one area of the body where there was a problem didn't eliminate the problem and it came back? Not only is every memory stored throughout our bodies, but every cell in our bodies knows what every other cell in our bodies is doing so that it knows what it must do. Pribram proved that taking away the cells that appear to be causing the memories don't erase the memories. The cancerous portion of the colon may be removed, but is the rest of the body aware that the cancer is gone. The other cells in the body stop fighting the cancer, but is the cancer still spreading in other cells that we can't see? BodyTalk is designed to address the entire body-mind and what is a priority, not just what is obvious due to symptoms such as pain, blood work or x-rays.

BodyTalk is a healing modality that works to establish better communication within the body-mind. We address the whole system, body, mind and spirit to achieve effective healing at all levels by establishing links. Our inborn innate wisdom knows what links are necessary to establish communication and create harmony throughout our body-mind.

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