If you're experiencing physical, emotion or

mental pain you're in the right place!

Are you frustrated, discouraged, and looking for relief from illness, pain or a mental health issue? Then rest assured your search is over…I have helped many people just like you get back on track and diminish pain, disease, anxiety and emotional baggage live a happy purposeful joy filled life.

I am dedicated and passionate about helping YOU overcome life’s challenges; whether you are in pain, have been diagnosed with an illness, or your life has lost the meaning and purpose it once had…

Give yourself this gift and join many others who have embarked on this journey to health and wholeness – I guarantee, you won’t regret it!



Emotion Code
Body Code

Using your body's inborn innate wisdom, I am guided to use the method that is most beneficial for you. I work mainly with BodyTalk. Your mind, body, & spirit may recognize greater benefit and/or faster results by including other modalities that I'm familiar with such as the Emotion Code, Body Code, EFT, and other Traditional Chinese Medicine such as chakras and meridians.


Typically session can be done:

In Person: You typically lie on a massage table while the practitioner uses your forearm to obtain muscle biofeedback and follow the 3 basic procedures.


Distance: Are done energetically which have been proven to be as effective as in office sessions. This can be done from anywhere via phone, Skype, Facetime, or by proxy. Your session notes can be emailed after the session is complete.


Children & Infants: Sessions are typically done either energetically or in person. Typically children and infants have a difficult time holding still. The parent can be used as a proxy for the child.


Animals: Our pets suffer many of the same environmental factors as humans. Their bodies need to be balanced as well. Are you feeling sick with worry because your animal isn't feeling well? Your vet can't seem to help. Are they preparing to die? You're in the right place.


As with any energy-balancing therapy it is advised to drink plenty of water after a session.

Your priority may be beliefs, current stress, illness or some other aspect in your mind, body or energy system. If an organ or body part does come up, it doesn't necessarily mean that there is something wrong with that organ, endocrine or body part. It just needs to be addressed or balanced with something else in the body-mind. 

A typical session usually lasts up to 1 hour, depending on what comes up as a priority for you.

Essentially there are 3 basic procedures in BodyTalk.


1. First we establish what is going on in the body by asking your body's inborn, natural healing system through applied kinesiology.


2. Next we find out through asking what links we need to established in the body to improve the communication systems. BodyTalk asks your body to find the highest priority, which may be to balance an organ, body part, or another aspect of your body-mind to another area. It may also be to address an underlying cause for your symptoms, which may be stress, trauma, belief systems, or other environmental factors. 


3. Once the story, or formula, is established, we tap that into the body's 3 brains, (brain, heart brain, and gut brain) to bring about the changes that it requires to normalize the health patterns of the body. 

I also use other modalities, which may come up in the session. I primarily use BodyTalk in my session, however, other modalities do occasionally come up as a priority or as part of the BodyTalk formula. Other systems used are the Emotion Code and the Body Code, Chakras, and Meridians.

What to Expect

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