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In the past I was suffering from embarrassing and debilitating physical issues as well as unhealthy relationships. Over the years any time I felt like something was wrong, I made my own diagnosis, went to a western medicine practitioner and was given medicine based on what I thought was wrong. I never knew if my diagnosis was right, and didn't know why I was having symptoms. At times, I was left to fend for myself. The care I received left me feeling like I was just a paycheck, not a person. I started looking at other methods of health care.
That's when I found the Body Code and Bodytalk. They have helped to diminish my physical symptoms, and have enabled me to release past traumas and self-limiting beliefs, empowering me to find my passion and my life purpose of helping others regain and maintain fulfilling healthy lives.
Bodytalk has enabled me to live a healthier life and build healthy bonds with those around me fostering a more authentic and meaningful life full of joy and prosperity. 
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